Message to the White House

This Message to the White House got send on Sunday, March 18 of 2012:

I am getting very fed up with the dumb bullshit that the US department of Justice is sending me.

Just how stupid to you think that I am ?

Torture and Murder are not legal under US law !

And yes your Department of Justice is fully responsible for an investigation of the case. So is the White House.

Wes Clark committed torture while on the Pentagon payroll. He has committed first degree murder and I got forced to witness my dad getting killed while Clark in his usual arrogant and hateful manner was standing around in his green NATO uniform being totally proud of what he had done.

I want that piece of shit dead. I would prefer him to go to trial first. But I will consider killing him legal and self-defense until you finally wake up and investigate.

It has been more than enough. My dad's corps is still missing.

Bill Clinton seems to be fully informed so I assume that you are informed as well. 

Thank You!

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No of course there are no standard answers on the White House website that would somehow be sufficient to quench my need for justice. And yes of course torture and first degree murder are not legal. Not in the US - not in Belgium, not in the Netherlands - nor on your fucking bases in Germany - nor anywhere else in Europe that I would know of. As far as I can tell it was a very heinous hate crime of a totally innocent victim.  Clark's behavior over the years fully fits that of a psychopath that I have found on a Belgian police website.

So if you want this "open and accessible Administration" to be more than a public relations slogan but you actually mean it, then sending around Bill Clinton to Germany for a pleasant 5 minute chat, while he is officially not even there, (September of 2011) will not cut it. 

I expect you to put Wes Clark on trial and actually convict him for several very serious crimes that we all know he has committed. I also hold you and everyone in your current administration fully responsible for any further damage to my familie. 

I do not ever want to see Wes Clark or his nasty, hysterical shitbag again, unless it is in court. These people where impossible to get along with in 1975. They had no business looking me up in Brussels in 1992 and where impossible to get along with then. The stalking has been going on for more than 35 years by now. I have witnessed multiple counts of very nasty torture committed at 5 different locations in 3 different countries. I am extremely fed up with it. Clark deserves to be put down. And if that happens it will be legal and it will be self defense.

I am very much looking forward to any reasonable response from your open and accessible Administration.

The Dutch Royal family was so kind as to apologize for the part that the Dutch AIVD had in this. That does make me feel better but it will not at all stop my need for an investigation.

Bill Clinton seems to be well informed but did not apologize for anything because that might easily look like an admission of guilt and it would also, not at all quench my need for justice.

There are other people who seem to be very well informed as well but cannot risk their clean superman image to go and really make a difference. It is much more fun to try and save some tigers by jumping into the newspapers with another actress or model.

The difference between how Julian Assange gets treated for breaking a condom and the mind blowing criminal way in which the US government is trying to cover up several counts of kidnapping, torture, attempted murder and a very bloody first degree murder committed by one of your former Generals is staggering.

I also hold Clark and the American government fully responsible for every financial consequence that arises because you seem to keep wanting to cover up rather than investigate and put a murderer on trial.

Clark the hateful lying snake, has initiated a torture program in Europe in 1992. I have personally witnessed Clark torture on 5 different occasions on Belgian, Dutch and American soil. And luckily I am not the only person who has witnessed Clark commit these crimes. It is very possible to find the prove for any normal police or government facility that wants to investigate the case.

In the 70's, during Nixon the USA had a corrupt White House. During the Clinton years the USA already had totally corrupt shit going on inside the Pentagon. I am very curious to see just how long it will take for the nowadays Administration to do what is right and what would be normal and put Clark on trial.

So I do appreciate the fact that Bill Clinton took the time to visit me in Europe. But like I said: A 5 minute chat could not possibly quench my need for justice. And The Hague could be an excellent place to put Clark on trial since the Dutch government is fully informed about the case.

Losing his job over this as Clark claims is a nice start, but by far not good enough. Since I had not yet pressed any charges when Clark lost his NATO job in 2000. I have to assume that Clarks usual overaggressive and bitchy behavior got him fired rather than the torture that he so far does not admit to yet.

The little weasel seems to feel inadequate at times. How else could I explain his need to drag Xxxx Xxxxxxx to Germany to claim to be engaged to her?  

For as long as I have known Wes Clark (since 1975 if I do not count the fact that he pointed a machinegun at me at age 5) he has always had a giant ego and was filled with hate. Clarks ego and his ambition have always been much more important than trying to keep America save, as he claims. He is totally evil. 

And yes, I do hate Clark by now. It took him long enough to provoke that. He has committed plenty of very nasty crimes to get me to a point that I do hate him by now. I would have preferred to not know what that feels like. I guess the little bastard is even benefitting from the attention that the case might get him inside the Pentagon.

It has shit to do with his religion that he seems to change like a hat and that he apparently never studied long enough to understand.

If I ever catch him again trying to sell the idea that I would be a racist to justify his crimes, I will have to add slander to the long list of Clark's misbehavings. I can not be expected to like the fucking bastard after all of the shit that I have been through.

I also do not kidnap people or make bombs as Clark was trying to convince people in Italy and the Netherlands in 2000.

I very much wonder how much the reluctants of the Dutch police to even have a look at the case has to do with the fact that Clark who is the most evil person that I met in my entire life, is supposed to sit around in The Hague and present himself as a hero in the trials that are going on about former Yugoslavia. I do not have any knowledge about anything that Clark has done there. But Clark as I know him is a sadistical monster and I find it unacceptable to allow him to get away with it.

The visit at my work on March 5 of 2010 and the claim to want to repair seems to have a lot to do with Clark's need to keep presenting himself as a hero that means so well for America. 

Realistically the guy is a sadist, a liar, and a filthy animal who has committed the worst kind of torture that I can imagine. There are district attorneys who keep asking me for Clark's motive.

Since when is it normal that one of the victims of the committed crimes has to answer questions about the killers motive ???

On August 17 of 2010, Clark was pursuing me on the German highway in a very dangerous way.

On September 26 of 2010 I got a visit from the Dutch Crown Prince who apologized for things that his secret service has done over the years. That is very nice. The pleasant chat with the Dutch Royal family does make me feel well. 

But it does not mean that I would all of a sudden find it ok that Clark has committed atrocities in Europe.

Clark started to stalk and harass me when working for the Pentagon. He dragged the CIA into it himself in 1992. He has committed torture in 3 different countries in Europe. Plus he fouled up one of your Airbases in Germany by pretending to be the base commander and by torturing a very innocent person there. The Military police guy that has aided and assisted Clark wile torturing my dad on a US Airbase (Spangdahlem in Germany) claimed to be working for the CIA when in Amsterdam on March the 5th of 2010.

Do you really believe that dragging in the fucking CIA every time when Clark wants to commit another crime is going to make the US look like a clean country ?

Or is Clark trying to prove what a filthy evil little shit he really is. Because just admitting what he has done is too difficult for the backward little weasel.