Message to the US Department of Justice

To the US Department of Justice
concerning your letter no. 4 of December 2011: 

(That was send only weeks after a visit to Germany of Bill 

Clinton organized by Richard Branson of end September 


Who do you think you are kidding ?

Why don't you check your own laws ?

You can be expected to understand them !

Murder (United States law)
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In the 
United States, the principle of dual sovereignty applies to homicide, as to other crimes. If murder is committed within the borders of a state, that state has jurisdiction. If the victim is a federal official, an ambassadorconsul or other foreign official under the protection of the United States, or if the crime took place on federal property or involved crossing state lines, or in a manner that substantially affects interstate commerce or national security, then the federal government also has jurisdiction. If a crime is not committed within any state, then Federal jurisdiction is exclusive: examples include the District of Columbianaval or U.S.-flagged merchant vessels in international waters, or a U.S. military base. In cases where a murder involves both state and federal jurisdiction, the offender can be tried and punished separately for each crime without raising issues of double jeopardy, unless the court believes that the new prosecution is merely a "sham" forwarded by the prior prosecutor.[1]

For your information torture and first degree murder are not legal under US law. Multiple kidnappings are not legal either. Not to mention the 35 years of stalking that are outrageous and undoable for anyone.

US Air bases in Europe or elsewhere are considered US soil and therefore any laymen can figure out that the US Department of Justice is fully responsible for an investigation of the case. 

Torture and first degree murder is a lot more than just misconduct. And yes to the best of my knowledge torture and first degree murder are prosecutable violations under US federal law. I did not have to chat with any lawyer to figure that out.

In the meantime while you are still busy trying to keep me occupied with bullshit I will spend my time more efficiently and motivate who ever I can find to kill Wes and his Bitch and consider that legal and self defense until you finally wake up and start investigating the murderer and not further harass the victims.

If you really do want to have a clue about what is going on: Shit Clark dragged some CIA guy onto a terrace in Brussels in 1992 claiming to be Richard Holbrooke. The guy was very charming but did not look like Holbrooke. So maybe you should check your CIA files to see what lies and bullshit Clark was putting together in 1992 to make himself look good.

During the torture on Spangdahlem Airbase in 1996 Wes claimed to be the base commander of Spangdahlem and among other things threatened to shoot my dad and me if I tried to get my dad of the base where he was tortured at the time.

Wes had motivated some Spangdahlem MP guy to participate in the torture. The last time that I have seen Wes and the former MP is on March the 5th of 2010 in Amsterdam. The former MP now claims to be working for the CIA.

In the summer of 1998 Clark has organized a situation inside the city center of Nijmegen that must have been embarrassing to the German Army. 

Plenty of witnesses. 

Clark at the time used the Dutch police and had actually organized a situation in which people were told to line up for a selection. 

In my mind the ridiculous way in which Clark is trying to sell the idea that he would somehow be traumatized by the second WW must be insulting to people who really are victims of that war. 

I am getting sick and tired of having to defend the idea that even people who happen to be born with a German passport have a right to live.

My dad was 13 years old when the Second World War ended and to the best of my knowledge has not been in the Hitlerjugend. 

His father, my granddad had deserted Hitler's Army which was more dangerous than participating because it was not a volunteer Army. Men who deserted got shot on sight when found. As a result of my granddads choice to desert the entire family was in danger.

By now I am old enough to understand that while the actions of one single person can sometimes make a big negative or positive difference I do not think that there are many people who could by themselves hold back something as huge as the second WW. Certainly my family was not in that position.

I have also spend enough time protesting against the Iraq war to a point that I have a very clear idea of how dangerous it can be to go against government nutcases who just want a war.

So while my dad was in danger as a teenager and my granddad had to hide to avoid getting shot by Hitler's Army, Wes Clark was lying around in his diapers in Chicago and not old enough to realize that there might be a war going on.

I am done allowing people to try and manipulate me into feeling guilty about a war that was over before I was born and that I would not have been able to stop anyway even if I had been alive at the time.

People who do that are usually trying to make the point that they want to feel superior.

Wes Clark pointed a machinegun at me when I was 5 years old. I have seen how very hateful Wes looks at little 3 year old children as if he would love to pull the trigger anytime as long as the child is German.

In a religious sense bloody torture and first degree murder is never legal and the idea that the jewish religion or ethnicity would grant people special privileges to commit first degree murder of innocent people and still feel as if you are the victim is lost on me.

Especially since the lying snake did not even take the time to check out the details of the religion that he would like to use to make himself look good.

If US soldiers are traumatized by the second WW to a point where they cannot refrain from torturing even though they were not yet born maybe you should give them the support of a psychiatrist and ask them to put down their arms and find a different job.


I do not have any knowledge about what either Rumsfeld or Bush have done as far as torture is concerned. 

What I do know for sure because I have witnessed it, is that Wes Clark has initiated a torture program in Europe starting in 1992. And I expect the bastard to go to trial for it. 

By now I am pissed off enough by everything that I feel that I have a legal right to shoot him on sight.

After all - Every relevant government - court - and police facility in Europe and the US are informed about the case.

And have received information about it in writing. It is more than enough by now.

Maybe you should not assume that people in Europe are total idiots that will tolerate an endless amount of bullshit from your fake hero's !