Message to Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Message to Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Message to 
Anders Fogh Rasmussen: 

The torture and murder that Clark has committed did not happen while you were responsible for NATO.

For your information I will stop at nothing to prove this case. NATO is meant to protect Europe that means me as well.

I do not expect you to keep lending equipment or manpower to this lying murdering piece of shit.

Clark was running around in Knokke and Brussels in 1992 using NATO cars and NATO people as if it was is own personal play ground.

Clark is standard driving either  BMW or Renaults with Belgian license plates while in Germany to further harass me. 

The very least that you could do is stop supplying equipment to this murdering piece of shit. When someone has fucked up this bad the best way to do damage control is to come clean about what happened.

I am certain that NATO has files on the case just like the CIA does.

Again: I am European - Wes is not and since the White House has advised me to turn to European facilities to investigate the case, I expect you to investigate and stop aiding the bastard.

I am not longer willing to send around mountains of paperwork just to collect more bullshit stories on paper of why this lying snake is suppose to be untouchable.

You investigate the case or you suffer the consequences !

Wes's screaming bitches hanging meat mountains are not something that NATO should find interesting enough to lend either manpower or equipment for.

But that crap is suppose to be one of the 2 pre-cooked motives why poor Wes had to torture.

The fact that he married a brainless dumb bag is not something that anyone in Europe should have to deal with. Her hysterical tantrums or PMS are not something that NATO should find interesting enough to go to war over.

I do expect you to finally stop lending the lying bastard equipment and manpower to further harass me. And by not investigating a case that every government and police facility in Europe by now has been made aware of, you do become an accomplice to murder after the fact. Given the enormous amount of arrogance and reluctance to investigate that I have experienced so far, you have no reason to fear immediate consequences but in the long run you never know when past criminal behavior might come back to bite you in your ass.