Dates and Locations

Dates and Locations of numerous criminal offences committed by Wes Clark

Stalking and harassment
Summer of 1992 Location Brussels and Knokke Belgium
Numerous cases of stalking and harassment. Clark and his ugly screaming bitch would constantly harass me at my work or home; there were moments when Clark popped up 3 times a week at my workplace or the place where I lived. The Clarks had no business being in Belgium at the time. Clark was still stationed in the US. Clarks ugly bitch would scream at me in the middle of the street that she is suppose to be so much better looking and I should leave her husband alone. The better looking is quite a joke if you know the ugly bitch. And her hateful little dwarf has never been interesting. At the time I had no idea who he was and just wanted to be left in peace. Clark and his ugly screaming bitch where on several occasions accompanied by a guy who called himself Marks.

People who really do look beautiful - know that of themselves and have no interest to try and make that point. For example I never had Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford, stalk me and scream at me that they look better than I do. In their case that would be pretty ridiculous. 

The fact that Wes Clark is married to a very ugly, brainless, monster is not something that is interesting to anyone in Europe. If Clark's screaming ugly bitch had any interesting looks or half a brain, she would not be so frustrated as to bother other people with it. Her looks are not at all interesting to me. It is not something that anyone wants to be bothered with and they are certainly not good enough to justify torture and first degree murder. 

Both Clark and his ugly screaming bitch seem to be sexually frustrated to a point that that they want to force their SM tendencies onto other people. Clark is also a psychopath who gets nuts when someone says NO to his numerous requests for a date. 

In 1992, Clark was still stationed in the US and had no business in Europe. He and his ugly, screaming dirt bag travelled to Belgium numerous times with the sole intention to bother and harass me at my work with her imaginary good looks. 

I do have a right to be left in peace by these 2 nutcases.

Summer of 1992 - Kidnapping and Torture 
Location: Dworp near Brussels in Belgium
Location: Leuven in Belgium
The long list of witnesses is known to the police in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Plus Europol and Eurojust as well as the American FBI and CID.

1996 - Kidnapping and Torture - on Spangdahlem Airbase in Germany
1992 is also when Clark started to kidnap and torture my dad. At first in Dworp near Brussels (list of witnesses is known to the German police plus Europol) and by 1996 Clark was torturing my dad on a US Airbase - Spangdahlem in Germany. The former military policeman, who assisted Clark with torturing my dad, was also with him during his visit to Amsterdam on March the 5th of 2010. The former MP now claims to be working for the CIA.

1998 - Last week of July of 1998 - Torture City Center Nijmegen
My dad was handcuffed to a wheelchair and dressed up in SM latex and got rolled around like that inside the city center. While the very extremely corrupt shit that passes for police in the Netherlands was busy harassing me and dragging me around inside the same city center. Of course there are numerous witnesses and of course Clark was there and had organized it himself. 

During multiple visits in 2010 (September 26 and November 17) and in 2011 (the first week of June 2011) Willem-Alexander of Orange, former Crown Prince and nowadays King of the Netherlands has apologized for things that the Dutch Secret Service AIVD has done and admitted among other things that the AIVD was following me around as far back as 1997, so I have to assume that the aided in the torture of my dad that took place in July of 1998. Willem-Alexander started his unannounced "surprise" visits a few months after I had started to press criminal charges against Clark with the same corrupt Dutch police that have participated in torturing my dad. Willem-Alexander was asking me what I would do with 3 million euro if he gave me that amount of money. I have of course not ever asked for any money but am still busy trying to motivate the police in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the US to finally investigate the case.

When I started my blogs on the internet in the spring and summer of 2010, I assumed that my dad had not survived the very bloody torture that I was forced to witness in Antwerp, Belgium in June of 1999. In May of 2011 however I was brought to a local hospital (the CWZ in Nijmegen the Netherlands) by the same corrupt police that aided Clark with the torture in 1998. There I have again seen someone that got dragged around against his will in a nasty looking SM suit inside an otherwise very clean hospital. That person was covered almost completely in SM and was clearly in a position where he got dragged around against his will. My dad is very tall (1,92 meter) and this person did very much look like him. 

With me in the garden of the CWZ hospital while I witnessed what seemed like my dad getting tortured once again, was a Dutch police person by the name of HAN that claims to be working for the police in Nijmegen. 

I have again tried to press criminal charges with the police in Nijmegen and described this particular situation to them. Despite of the fact that they only have 2 people working for them who are called HAN (last names are Reto and Kortenbrink) they claim to be unable to find the correct police person who witnessed the torture inside the CWZ hospital of May 2011. 

Only one week after this incident (the torture of May 2011 of someone that seems to be my dad after I had assumed that he was no longer alive) I got visit no. 3 and 4 of King Willem-Alexander. This time he had brought his wife, former Crown Princes and nowadays Queen Maxima who had the gall to demand an apology from me, because she claimed to be unaware of the situation, pretend to be clueless why Willem-Alexander and Maxima visit me in the first place but felt that she was not received friendly enough by me. Despite of the fact that the 2 of them did not take the time to make an appointment but find it the most normal thing in the world pop unannounced whenever they feel like it. 

It is not at all difficult to find Willem-Alexander likable despite of the giant amount of shit that his secret service has done over the years. He is usually very polite. However having to deal with Maxima's ego and arrogant expectation to get received in a certain way, despite of not having an appointment, only one week after I had seen my dad getting tortured again and knowing that she is lying about it, is really too much for me.

After all, her husband is fully informed about the case so it is very realistic to assume that she is informed as well.

I am even relatively certain that the 2 Royals will no doubt read my blogs on the Internet. Even the extremely corrupt shit that passes for police in Nijmegen (Netherlands), that participated in my dad's torture in July of 1998 and in May of 2011 and now claims to be unable to understand anything I tell them, admits to read my blogs.

Saturday June 26th of 1999 - Very violent torture (plus a very organized murder in the first degree if my dad does not come back alive)
Location - the basement of a hospital in Antwerp Belgium
My dad was handcuffed to a hospital bed inside the basement of a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium. He was bleeding very violently and certain body parts had literally been cut off. The violence of it is much worse than most people could possibly imagine. Clark was there in his green NATO uniform and was totally proud of what he had done. That fucking animal finds it normal to get away with bloody torture and a very heinous first degree murder.

Like I explained before, I had for more than 12 years assumed that my dad could not possibly have survived the extremely bloody and very violent torture inside the basement of the hospital in Antwerp. The 2 Belgian police guys working for the police in Antwerp took pictures of this situation and have witnessed Clark present at the time.

When breaking into my hotel room in Switzerland in April of 2000 (only 10 month after the violent torture of my dad) Clark claimed that the violent torture of my dad is what got him fired from his NATO job. That does not have to be true. Clark has always been a giant liar.

Stalking and again harassment at my work
January of 2000 during Domotex in Hannover
Location: Hotel Madz in Peine near Hannover, Germany
Clark was again stalking and harassing me at my work. This time he was once again in the company of a skinny and very tall guy who calls himself Marks. Clark wanted to make sure that I was hurting enough about my dad's torture and murder that he had committed about 6 month before.

April of 2000 
Location: Hotel Village au Lac in Melano Switzerland
Clark was once again stalking me at my work. I was in Switzerland to visit a furniture fair the next morning. This time Clark was once again accompanied by his ugly bitch. Both of them had no business being there but were gloating about my dad's torture. The Clarks seem to find it the most normal thing in the world to get away with torture (and first degree murder) and find it perfectly fine to further harass the victim's family. The both have an amazing arrogance and very sadistic behavior.

August of 2004 - Location the Netherlands
Wes Clark broke into my house and was sitting inside my living room at 00.30 hours in the middle of the night. Needless to say that he was not invited and I do not want that piece of shit inside my house.

Breaking and Entering - Kidnapping and attempted Murder
Date: Monday to Friday, 13 to 17 of September of 2004
Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands 
Clark has spent the biggest part of the week in the Netherlands, kidnapping me together with a team of US soldiers. I had shortly before that, send around a lot of information to the media to protest against the war in Iraq. I was and am very much opposed to attacking the wrong country. Iraq did not attack the US and Saddam could have been removed without starting an entire war. During that week, Clark and a team of US soldiers broke into my house in the Netherlands and kidnapped me at gunpoint. During that week I got shot at, which according to some district attorneys is attempted murder.

Time: Tuesday September the 4th of 2007 around 16.00 hours in the afternoon
Location: Raststätte Geismühle West near Krefeld along the Autobahn A57 in Germany
Clark was stalking me again this time at this location: Raststätte Geismühle West near Krefeld in Germany along the highway A57. What I call stalking could for a well informed investigating district attorney easily look like another attempted murder.

Date: Friday, march the 5th of 2010 -  Time 17.00 hours 
Location: Restaurant La Place, Muntbergweg, Amsterdam the Netherlands
Once again, harassing me at my work. This time together with a former US military policeman who now claims to be working for the CIA and who has participated in the torture of my dad on Spangdahlem Airbase that took place in 1996.  

Location Restaurant La Place, Muntbergweg in Amsterdam. I could not possibly call it trying to repair when 2 people who both participated in my dad's torture come by with the sole attention to further harass me. Clark had information that he could only have gotten through the BND. To the best of my knowledge according to German law, handing over innocent victims to a foreign nutcase that then tortures and kills the person is not at all ever a part of the German Army's task. Nor is it the task of the BND to further aid the fucking bastard who has kidnapped and tortured my dad. So the BND is behaving like a criminal organization and assisting Clark as much as they can to cover up numerous heinous crimes.

Time:Tuesday, August the 17th of 2010 
Location: On highway A57 close to the German town of Weeze 
Again stalking along highway A57 in Germany close to Restaurant Kalbecker Forst West near the town of Weeze. Actually what I describe in my usual much too patient way as stalking could just as well have been another case of attempted murder. Clark was pursuing me by car for hours in a way that has led me to hit traffic signs. The car had dents on 2 different sides and since the firm that had the chatty meeting with Clark on March the 5th of 2010 has presented me with the bill for the damage on the company car and the German police was in the area, the date is known. I have to assume that this was yet another test round of my dad's killer to see how far he can go before he finally gets picked up.

Clark cannot have and does not have an alibi for any of the above mentioned dates. Naturally the prove of what I am saying can easily be found for any investigating police facility.

Questions for Wes K. Clark:

Where have you been on the dates described below ?

Last week of July of 1998 ?
Answer: Clark this time in civilian clothes was busy torturing my dad inside the city center of Nijmegen with the aid of AIVD and the nasty shit that passes for police in Nijmegen. Plenty of witnesses.

June 26 of 1999 ?
Answer: Antwerp, Belgium. Torturing (and murdering) my dad. Clark was there in his green NATO Uniform and had organized it himself. 2 Belgian police agents have witnessed Clark torture and took pictures of the situation.

January 26 & 27 of 2000 during Domotex in Hannover ?
Answer at a Hotel/Restaurant in Peine near Hannover stalking me again. Location and witnesses are known to the German, Belgian and Dutch police plus Europol. Who all under they own law would be obligated to investigate the case.

May 2nd and 3rd of 2000 during Salone del Mobile ?
Answer Wes was in Melano Switzerland with his ugly bag to stalk me once again. The Swiss police got called and have seen Clark and his ugly bitch there.

September 13th to 17th of 2004 ?
Answer in the Netherlands, kidnapping me. The Dutch AIVD very likely aided with the organization of this.

September 4 of 2007 ?
Answer at a place called Raststätte Geismühle West near Krefeld, along the highway A57 in Germany stalking and harassing me again.

March 5 of 2010 ?
Answer Restaurant La Place, Muntbergweg in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost,  The Netherlands stalking and harassing me once again. This time Clark had brought a former MP that has aided Clark with the torture of my dad on Spangdahlem Airbase in 1996 and now claims to be working for the CIA. Again the witness of this is known to the police in multiple countries plus Europol, who all have the legal obligation to investigate the case.

Night of August 16 to 17 of 2010 ? 
Answer along the German highway A57 near Weeze, Germany stalking and once again harassing me. Very close to Kalbecker Forst. Depending on how a district attorney views it, this incident could easily pass for another attempted murder.

Wesley Clark you lying filthy animal
How much more of your hateful shit am I suppose to tolerate you criminal bastard ?

It has been far more than anyone should have to put up with you lying, filthy, torturing psychopath.

You are responsible for my dad coming back alive and the moment that I know for sure that that is no longer an option, I will feel free to kill you and call it self defense. After all every relevant Police Force and Justice Department in 4 different countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the US) have been informed in writing about this. And they all under their own law have a legal obligation to investigate this. I have a right to defend myself.